New in 2022!

Two Options: Tuesday, October 11 | 2 – 4 pm

IFAI Expo Workshops will offer a chance for attendees to take a deep dive into important topics that will help you better run your business. Each workshop is taught by a leading expert in the field, with concrete takeaways that you can implement in your company today. Choose from two deep dive workshops on Tuesday, October 11 from 2 – 4 pm.

$99 for Members | $199 for Non-members

Option 1

Management Excellence

Get your team to understand what you need and want them to do and support them in making sure it gets done!

Management isn’t easy.

Nobody is born with management skills and even the most natural-born leaders have to learn how to manage. So, if it’s not hard-wired, how do some excel at it more easily than others?

Join Madeleine MacRae for this session, specifically designed for owners, managers, and anyone responsible for the performance of other people, where she will help you:

  • Know the key difference between leadership and management.
  • Recognize why being an excellent leader might not be enough for you team.
  • Understand how to win in management, even if you’ve never managed people before.
  • Learn one simple tactic that can help you get your people to do what you need them to do.
  • Leverage a game-changing tool called “The Money Test” to understand exactly what your time is worth.
  • Get crystal clear on what you need to delegate in order to hit your next level of growth.
  • Know what to do (and exactly how to do it!) when a team-member falls short of your expectations or really drops the ball.
  • Discover how knowing what your team needs is a management superpower.

Speaker: Madeleine MacRae

Owner/Founder, Homepro Toolbox

As a business coach and leadership expert, Madeleine has worked with thousands of highly successful companies and has helped their management teams go from lackluster to five-star status.

Option 2

Hiring and Managing Millennials and Gen Zs

As companies watch their experienced and tenured employees age out of the workforce, there is genuine concern about how they will be replaced. Most will be replaced by a Millennial and Gen Z workforce; and while hiring and managing them is a priority, it is also a challenge. When it comes to the younger generations, do we understand what motivates them? Do we know how to coach and motivate them to be successful?

Join us to learn the nuanced differences between the generations and what your company can do to help Millennials and Gen Zs be successful.

Speaker: Tim Ledwein