IFAI announced the winners of the fourth annual ShowStoppers awards today at IFAI Expo 2015 in Anaheim, Calif. The competition showcases the best of the best new products on the show floor, from the most technologically advanced to the most efficient to the most economical.

IFAI received 58 entries that met the more rigorous standards of this year’s competition. Also new this year: an anonymous committee of industry specialists voted on the top finalists in five different categories—end products; equipment and tools; fabrics, fibers and films; hardware, findings and accessories; and services—to be on display at Expo, where voting was open for attendees on Tuesday and Wednesday to decide which products and services they found to be the most valuable to both their companies and the industry.

The winners:

End products


Roll-Flex retractable canopy

Roll-Flex LLC

The automated, retractable canopy provides sun and rain protection under commercial and residential outdoor pergolas. Restaurants, banquet halls and other large outdoor areas can use it to cover areas up to 30 feet wide and up to any length with continuous waterproof coverage. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, it can be linked with waterproof stationary panels to provide extended coverage.

Equipment and tools


T300 Extreme Waterproof Plus

Miller Weldmaster

The automated, synchronized taping application system enables the waterproofing of previously sewn seams. It requires only one operator and can be used to create waterproof high-end outdoor products, military applications and advanced technical textiles.

Fabrics, fibers and films


Unequal® EXO Skeleton® materials

MMI Textiles Inc.

The ultra-thin, ultra-light wearable protective materials are designed for trauma reduction, stab/slash protection and stopping steel shot, bullets, frangible ammunition, frag and shrapnel. The material can be used for both hard and soft body armor, head protection and incorporation into garments to spot protect vulnerable areas. V50 ballistic test results have yielded results of more than 850 feet per second in a single ply material.

Hardware, findings and accessories


Touch fastener fabrication

Paiho North America Corp.

Hook and loop products can be customized with fabrications and treatments for purposes of function and design. Fabrication can improve the presentation of the product with graphics, brand designs and logos, particularly for sporting goods.



WATson heating and cooling test

Hohenstein Institute of America

The WATson model replicates human skin, using a metal plate and electric heating elements to measure the cooling and thermal effects of all types of textiles in different climates with various influences such as water, wind and IR radiation. The test provides quantitative data that can be used for accurate marketing.