Specialty Campfires take place on the show floor in booth 1155
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Wednesday, Sep 27
1 – 1:30pm
Support and be inspired by the future of the industry – the Fabric Graphic Association sponsors a competition that challenges students in the textile industry to create an original design and/or prototype that incorporates fabric graphics. Come hear about the winning project, as well as meet the students who designed it!
2 – 2:30pm

Presented by: Linden Wicklund, Director of Member Programs, IFAI

Whether your company is a long time member or you are just hearing about IFAI for the first time, this campfire session is for you. Join us to learn about the best ways to utilize the myriad of membership benefits to enhance your business.

3 – 3:30pm

Presented by:
Lloyd Wood, President, Lloyd Wood Group and Sara Beatty, President, Whitehaven Trade Advisors
Lloyd Wood, President of the LLOYD WOOD GROUP will hold a campfire chat with IFAI Expo attendees to update them on the latest Congressional and Executive Branch activity with respect to textile policy. There will be a particular focus on the NAFTA renegotiation, Miscellaneous Tariff Bill (MTB), FY 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and other government procurement matters.

4 – 4:30pm

Presented by: Kevin Kelly, Independent Consultant

Sometimes you don’t even have to leave your office to improve profits! This presentation will identify seven opportunities to generate more CASH without ever leaving your desk!

Thursday, Sep 28
Noon – 12:30pm

Presented by: Elissa Decker, Senior Manager of Materials, MOSS

Take an introductory look at textiles, types, uses and materials in this beneficial campfire.

1 – 1:30pm

Presented by: Chad Miller, American National Manufacturing

This presentation will cover what a good first contract sewing project meeting should include. We will look at what elements should be covered, what questions should be asked, what things we need to know, and what we should consider prior to accepting a project. You will learn some quick and easy ways to determine if the potential project is potentially a good project for your specific capabilities.

2 -2:30pm

Presented by: Dr. Russell Gorga, Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor, NCSU, College of Textiles

Join this discussion on how to attract and retain young talent using recruiting strategies and new employee onboarding programs.

Ms. Ronningen, a former collegiate director of career services and career opportunity recruiter, discusses how to attract and retain young talent using recruiting strategies and new employee onboarding programs.
3 – 3:30pm

Presented by: Jonathan Palmer, CTO, Owner, Autometrix, Inc.

Automated single ply cutting systems have been around for almost 30 years, and thousands of companies world-wide have seen their business’ success directly affected by this technology. Companies who haven’t taken the plunge yet, however, often have a long list of reasons for delaying, or even avoiding, the decision. Come hear about experiences that other businesses have had, and see if your reasoning remains sound!

4 – 4:30pm

Presented by: Bruce Fetter, President, Fetter Enterprises Inc. d/b/a Debrovy’s

The session will cover various platforms of websites. Learn how to increase your web presence by incorporating an automated shopping cart on your website.

Friday, Sep 29
10 – 10:30am

Presented by: Mike Erickson, Canvas Designers and Michael Varga, Canvas Experts Inc.

Come get a brief on rigid enclosures from marine experts, as they walk you through a variety of rigid enclosure projects.

11 – 11:30am

Presented by: Chad Miller, American National Manufacturing

Explore key considerations for assuming or deferring liability when accepting a project for prototype development. Learn about the many regulating agencies that affect the process.