Need confidential advice?

IFAI is now offering a fully endorsed mentorship program at IFAI Expo 2018. Professional consultations are available by appointment during show floor hours. Book a 30-minute meeting with an impressive lineup of industry experts!

This opportunity is open to all attendees and exhibitors and free with any registration type.

Why Seek Mentorship?

Mentors become trusted advisers and role models. They support and encourage their mentees by offering suggestions and knowledge, both general and specific. The goal is to help mentees improve skills and advance their careers.

Benefits of mentorship can include: Gaining valuable advice, help advancing in your career, developing tools to stay focused and on track in your career through advice, skills, networking, and more.

Choose a mentor and register for your appointment by September 28.

Mentors provide expertise in the following:

  • Wearable technology
  • Product development
  • Innovation strategy
  • Business management
  • Intellectual property
  • E-textiles

Meet the Mentors

Sam Alexander

Founder/CEO, C2C Fashion and Technology LLC

Irena Ilcheva

Founder, Momentum R&D

Chad Miller

Director of Contract Manufacturing, American National Manufacturing, Inc.

H. Lee Wainwright

Owner, H. Lee Wainwright E-Textile Consulting Service


  1. Register
  2. Schedule your confidential meeting(s) using the form below by September 28 
  3. Before the show, you’ll receive email confirmation of your meeting time (during IFAI Expo) and location (meeting room on the show floor)
  4. (Optional) For Mentor and Mentee participants who believe that confidential information may be shared during your meetings, we have provided a short form Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA). Please review the CDA prior to your meeting.


*Limited Availability

Tie-breaker preferences for limited appointment slots are given to attendees in this order:

  1. IFAI members
  2. Expo Exhibitors
  3. Members and Non-members with a full registration
  4. Any IFAI Expo participants in order applications were received

Contact Janelle Wells with questions.

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