The Steve Lukos Memorial Education Scholarship has been created for IFAI Expo 2021 to honor the career of Steve Lukos in the industrial textiles industry. The three education scholarships were made possible by a generous donation from Jamie Mills.

Guidelines for Application

  • IFAI membership is not required to apply.
  • Scholarship applicants may be at any career or education stage and must be 18 or older.
  • Awarded scholarships are given as a discount code for an All Access Expo Registration.
  • Three scholarships are available.
  • If the scholarship recipient is not able to attend, the scholarship will be given to the next ranking applicant. Scholarships are not transferable, deferable, or able to be cashed in.
  • Applications due October 4, 2021.

Applicant Information:

Mailing Address*
Company/School Address*