IFAI Virtual Expo FAQ’s

What is the status of the 2020 IFAI Expo?
The 2020 IFAI Expo will be hosted virtually on November 2-12, 2020.

Is there a new registration process for the 2020 IFAI Expo?
Registration will take place through Expo’s registration portal on IFAIExpo.com. All details regarding the event – including registration – will be announced Monday, August 24th. 

Why is the 2020 IFAI Expo now a virtual event?
Many pandemic-related challenges made hosting an in-person event impossible in 2020. By going virtual, we can offer attendees and exhibitors the same great education content, networking opportunities and the tools to grow their business without risking their health and safety.

Why was the decision made now?
Throughout the past several months, IFAI has closely monitored the COVID-19 pandemic and considered how the continuing developments would play in to having the in-person event in November. By transitioning to a virtual format now, we feel it allows attendees, exhibitors and stakeholders time to adjust to this change and provide time for the IFAI team to plan for an impactful virtual experience for attendees and exhibitors/sponsors.

What happens at a Virtual Expo?
IFAI has selected a virtual expo platform for hosting its IFAI Virtual Expo. Attendees can attend education, visit exhibit booths, and network with peers at both educational and social events. Although it is different from what IFAI Expo attendees and exhibitors are used to, the virtual expo platform we have chosen will give you a great experience.

Will there be an exhibit hall/show floor?
Yes! Companies from around the world will be displaying their products, services and solutions in a virtual exhibit hall. Attendees can visit exhibitors to discover new products and services, watch a video, chat with exhibitors, schedule virtual appointments and learn what products and services are available to help move their own businesses forward. The virtual exhibit hall and show floor makes it simple for attendees to visit as many exhibit booths as they would like without having to navigate a massive show floor. We are excited about the convenience attendees will have in exploring hundreds of IFAI Expo exhibitors in half the time.

What are the benefits of hosting a Virtual Expo?
The benefits of hosting IFAI Expo in a virtual format are plentiful. From saving money on travel, hotel and other expenses that come along with attending an in-person event, going virtual provides not only a new way to experience IFAI Expo but offers a plethora of convenience as well. Some of the benefits of attending IFAI Expo virtually are:

  • Attending IFAI Virtual Expo couldn’t be easier! All the education, exhibitors, networking opportunities and more are only a log in away.
  • Save money on travel, hotel, dining and all the extra expenses that go along with traveling to a show.
  • CONVENIENCE! There has never been an easier way to visit multiple exhibit booths, attend education sessions and chat with experts in the industry. You won’t need to navigate through a massive building to get where you want to go.
  • Experience the show at your own speed. All of the education will be available in an “on-demand” and “live” format. You get to choose how you will enjoy the content!


Who can attend the IFAI Virtual Expo?
Anyone and everyone within the textile industry is invited to attend IFAI Virtual Expo. This event is designed to serve those who are in any way a part of the industrial fabrics industry. This is also a great opportunity to learn more about the industry or source new materials for projects you have in development that you need assistance with. Our exhibitors offer a wide range and depth of options in the industrial fabrics markets.

Is there going to be an Expo Show Guide?
Yes! Much like the live event, the Expo Show Guide will be your place to find out everything happening at the show from the list of exhibitors and products/services on display to information on education and networking. The first 3,000 registrants will receive a printed show guide, and it will be available for you to open digitally on your computer when the live event begins.

Is the Advanced Textiles (AT) Conference still happening?
Yes! Virtually, of course. Join us for a selection of 10 unique 50-minute classroom sessions that will cover themes such as sustainability, medical, health & wellness, and innovation in product and materials. Note you must purchase an Advanced Textiles Virtual Conference Registration to attend the Advanced Textiles Conference. By hosting the AT Conference virtually, this allows for attendees to attend from the comfort of their own home without needing to travel a day early to the in-person show.

Will IFAI help pay any cancellation fees or penalties for travel arrangements I have already made?
The timing of the decision to host the 2020 IFAI Expo virtually this fall reduces the likelihood of attendees incurring travel costs for the event. However, IFAI is unable to provide financial assistance for travel fees or penalties.

I am an exhibitor that previously reserved exhibitor space. What happens now? Will I receive a refund?
The IFAI Expo account management team will be in contact over the next several weeks to discuss options regarding the virtual experience and involvement in 2021 when we host IFAI Expo in Nashville, TN USA.

I have additional questions. Who do I ask?
Please call or email:
Annie Kassel
Events and Registration Coordinator
+1 651 225 6987