Many of IFAI’s divisions will host their annual meeting and networking events as part of IFAI Expo 2021. These are called “Division Connections”.  IFAI members are strongly encouraged to attend their Division Connections so plan now to learn about what is going on in your division(s)! Click the images above to visit a division homepage.

IFAI Division Connections provide a forum for members to learn about the division activities undertaken throughout the year and to network with other members. We invite you to influence your division activities, share your vision for the division, exchange ideas with other members and strategize to expand and enhance your industry.

All Division Connections and networking events are free-of-charge and open to IFAI members.  They take place in the IFAI Hub on the show floor throughout the three days of Expo.

Not a member? Join a meeting and learn about the divisions of IFAI!

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Advanced Textiles


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Fabric Graphics

Fabric Structures Association Icon

Fabric Structures

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Narrow Fabrics

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U.S. Industrial Fabrics

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IFAI Canada

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IFAI Japan

Outdoor Fabric Products Association of New Zealand

IFAI New Zealand

Division Connections Expo Schedule

Tuesday, November 2

10:30 am Military
11:30 am U.S. Industrial Fabrics
12:30 pm Awnings
2:30 pm Tent
4:30 pm IFAI Canada

Wednesday, November 3

10:30 am Narrow Fabrics
11:30 am Makers
12:30 pm Tarp
1:30 pm Fabric Graphics
2:30 pm Advanced Textiles
3:30 pm Geosynthetics
4:30 pm Marine Fabricators

Thursday, November 4

10:30 am Fabric Structures
11:30 am Equipment