The Indiana Convention Center Has Released COVID-19 Response Plans for Expo 2020.

As we get closer to IFAI Expo 2020, we want to be sure all of our attendees and exhibitors know that this year’s Expo will be hosted in a safe and clean environment. The Indiana Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium (ICCLOS), where IFAI Expo 2020 will take place, has released a Mitigation Plan that outlines in detail the steps they are taking to ensure the cleanliness and safety of everyone who enters. Below is a summary of the plan, but you can read the plan in it’s entirety but clicking the learn more button.

NOTE: This COVID-19 mitigation plan is subject to change as new information is learned and official policies and guidelines are updated.

ICCLOS Mitigation Plan Summary

Temperature Screening

All employees and contractors are required to self-test their temperature before coming to ICCLOS. All who enter ICCLOS will submit a no touch temperature check by an IU Health medical professional and complete a simple health questionnaire.

Isolation areas have been established for anyone who begins to show symptoms. Anyone exceeding a 100.4 F temperature will be directed to leave the facility and seek immediate medical attention. 

Face Masks and Gloves

All employees, contractors and visitors must wear cloth face masks and gloves when in any ICCLOS common areas. Disposable face masks and gloves will be provided to any employee, contractor or visitor who does not have them.

Enhanced Hand Washing Protocol

Employees and contractors throughout ICCLOS are required to wash their hands frequently. Visitors are encouraged to do the same. The use of hand sanitizers when soap and water is not available will be highly encouraged. Additional hand-washing and/or hand-sanitizing stations have been provided throughout the buildings.

Social Distancing Guidelines

Employees, contractors and visitors will be required to practice social distancing throughout each building.

Floor plans have been designed to help maintain social distancing. In addition, rules have been established for how employees, contractors and visitors should be moving throughout each building.

Safety Enhancements

ICCLOS has installed numerous hand-sanitizing stations throughout the building and will refill them daily. Touchless fixtures have been added in all bathrooms along with plexiglass shields around all service areas, reception areas and points of sales.

A hospital grade air filtration system has been installed and will be running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Additional signage has been added throughout the building to encourage hand washing, social distancing and other tips on how to slow the spread of the virus. Reminders are also visible on video monitors throughout ICCLOS.

Food and Beverage

ICCLOS has temporarily suspended providing food and beverages for employees, contractors and visitors. This policy will be updated per the guidance of state and local public health officials.

ICCLOS does have a detailed plan of implemented changes that will take place upon the return of food and beverage services and it is outlined in the full mitigation plan.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

ICCLOS is using the Clorox Total 360 system, an innovative electrostatic spray for hard surface disinfecting that provides coverage at 18,000 square feet per hour. It kills 99.9% of bacteria in 5 seconds and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew for up to 7 days.

Additional products used to clean, disinfect, and deodorize washable surfaces, restrooms, and floors include Crew Restroom Floor & Surface Cleaner and Bio-Protect. The ICCLOS staff will be following cleaning protocol daily. 

COVID-19 Policies in Place

Under direction of the CDC, ICCLOS has outlined a detailed plan for any person who has come in contact the COVID-19 virus and under what conditions they can discontinue isolation. Read about those policies in-depth within the full mitigation plan. 

ICCLOS has put strict policies in place for all employees and contractors as well that will be enforced daily by staff supervisors. These policies include guidelines that must be adhered too, as well as mandatory enhanced training on COVID-19 related practices and protocols