Advanced Textiles Conference

The Advanced Textiles (AT) Conference starts on Monday, Nov. 1 with an afternoon dedicated to advanced textiles education, including a welcome lunch with plenary session at 11:30 am, followed by a networking reception after the education for the day concludes at 5 pm. The AT Conference continues with morning advanced textiles sessions at Expo on Nov. 2-3. Experience your choice of 18 50-minute classroom sessions that will cover content in several tracks: Innovations in Wearables/E-Textiles, Medical Textile Breakthroughs, Industry 4.0 / Advanced Manufacturing, and Sustainability in Advanced Textiles.

Must purchase an All Access Registration to attend the Advanced Textiles Conference.

Want even more Advanced Textiles opportunities? An All Access Registration includes an additional 5 hours of Advanced Textiles campfire sessions on Nov. 2-4 on the Expo show floor!

The Advanced Textiles Conference agenda is live, with more content being added as it is confirmed! Click here to visit our education page!

Advanced Textiles Exhibitors

IFAI Expo 2021 includes exhibit hall space for AT innovators, suppliers, beginners and experts. Get inspired, make connections, discuss opportunities and find new products.  Join nearly 75 vendors, associations, and IFAI partners in this vibrant pavilion.

Advanced Textiles Campfires

Looking for show floor education?  IFAI Expo 2021 will have ten 30-minute interactive sessions in the Advanced Textiles Pavilion!  Stop by for fun, informal, and digestible sessions and keep the conversation flowing back to the exhibitor booths. 

Advanced Textiles Education

Below is a sampling of education and presenters confirmed for 2021’s Advanced Textiles Conference, and Advanced Textiles Expo Education!  Click here for the full schedule!

  • Fibrous Scaffolds for Use in Tissue Engineering – Dr. Jessica Gluck, NC State
  • Medical Textiles with Integrated Sensors – Thomas Stegmaier, DITF
  • Implementing Greener Chemistry in Supply Chains – Ben Mead, Hohenstein
  • Advancing Textile Manufacturing Through Collaboration
  • Panel Session – Production Change and Pivoting to PPE in the Face of Covid: Lessons Learned
  • Introduction to ASTM and Best Practices for Collaboration
  • Industry 4.0: Robotics and AI in the Manufacturing of Textiles

ATP Division

Advanced Textiles Product Division (ATP) – ATP supports the entire industry and offers support, networking, education and scholarships to help ensure its future. For more information on ATP including a member list, scholarship information, a list of webinars and the latest news, click here.

“Having now visited IFAI shows for more than 5 years, I’d like to share with you our excitement and satisfaction during this year’s show. This year was particularly effective for us, as we had several opportunities to share our public funded research results with interested public.”

—Andreas Bisinger, DITF–German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research, Germany