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Pre-Expo Conference


Monday, October 15
Title / Topic
8–8:50 am Shade Structure Basics [Shade and Weather Protection]

Medical Devices: Regulatory & Standards Considerations from Bench to the Marketplace 
[Advanced Textiles | Medical]

Fiber Testing [Advanced Textiles | Testing]

Designing & Evaluating Applications of Electronic Textiles [Advanced Textiles | Smart Fabrics]

Productivity for Small Businesses [Business | Operations]

9–9:50 am Understanding Thread Performance [Specialty Fabrics | Hands-on]

USS Missouri: Protecting History [Shade and Weather Protection]

Surgical Textiles [Advanced Textiles | Medical]

Yarn Testing Part I [Advanced Textiles | Testing]

Inkjet Printing of Particle-Free Conductive Inks for E-Textiles Applications [Advanced Textiles | Smart Fabrics]

Leading Successful Teams in a Multi-Generational Workplace [Business | Operations]

10:10–11 am Ideas in Need of Tools – Capitalizing on the Maker Movement [Specialty Fabrics]

Shear Genius: Using Low-Friction Technology to Protect the Brain and Skin [Advanced Textiles | Medical]

Yarn Testing Part II [Advanced Textiles | Testing]

Laundering Electrically Conductive Fabrics for E-Textile Applications [Advanced Textiles | Smart Fabrics]

Think Locally, Grow Globally – How to Enter the International Market [Business | Operations]

11:10 am–Noon Digitalized Manufacturing: Will the Fourth Industrial Revolution Transform Flat Knitting? [Specialty Fabrics]

Graphics for Small-Medium Fabricators [Shade and Weather Protection]

Latest Advancements in Extrusion Technology for Drug Delivery Applications [Advanced Textiles | Medical]

Fabric Testing [Advanced Textiles | Testing]

Understanding How Social Media Can Be Useful [Business | Operations]

1:30 pm–2:20 pm Gaining Efficiencies in Contract Sewing Through LEAN Manufacturing [Specialty Fabrics]

Standing Out with Tensile Structures [Shade and Weather Protection]

Strategic Patent Filings [Advanced Textiles | Smart Fabrics]

Antimicrobial Textiles: Achieving Enhanced Performance and Durability [Advanced Textiles | Testing]

Detecting Microplastics from Textile Materials – A New Analytical Approach [Advanced Textiles | Fabric Advancements]

2:30–3:20 pm Automation of Textile Sewn Products [Specialty Fabrics]

Leveraging Window Attachment Certification: Adding Value and Driving Sales [Shade and Weather Protection]

Developing Advanced Fire Blocking Materials for Wildland Fire Shelters [Advanced Textiles | Testing]

Emergency Planning and Preparedness [Business | Operations]

Nature Inspired Developments with Fiber Based Materials

 3:40–4:30 pm Four Hot Topics for Marine Interiors and Exteriors [Specialty Fabrics]

Green Practices in the Industrial Fabrics Industry [Specialty Fabrics]

Protecting the Protectors: Advancements in Firefighters’ Turnout Gear & Military ChemBio Suit
[Advanced Textiles | Safety & Protective]

How Textile Manufacturers and Suppliers Can Become Invincible to Lawsuits and Save Thousands in Taxes [Business | Operations]

 4:40–5:30 pm Creative Thinking: Beyond the Obvious [Specialty Fabrics]

The Art of Festival Shade [Shade and Weather Protection]

Manufacturing Products for a Diverse Market [Advanced Textiles | Aerospace]

Standards Panel [Advanced Textiles]

Apparel and Footwear – Proliferating Safer Chemicals [Advanced Textiles | Fabric Advancements]

How Textile Manufacturers and Suppliers Can Become Invincible to Lawsuits and Save Thousands in Taxes [Business | Operations]