Introducing the new Smart Fabrics Program at IFAI Expo 2017, including education, discussions, workshop, and contest designed to:

-Facilitate new partnerships, discussion, and ideas
-Give attendees access to experts, materials, and education
-Showcase innovative suppliers
-Create a common understanding among textile, technology, manufacturing and design

Advanced Textiles Conference – Smart Fabrics Track

Classroom: Tuesday all day + Wednesday morning, *Register Expo Plus – Advanced Textiles

Explore Smart and interactive textile technologies from mechanical, chemical, and biological to electronic.

E-Textiles Workshop

A gathering place for e-textiles innovators, suppliers, beginners, and experts – on the show floor.
Coffee provided by Jakob Mueller

Open to all, during show floor hours

  • Watch Intro to E-Textiles video
  • Collect kit components from the leading suppliers
  • Work with experts to assemble an e-textile device
  • Network while learning with your hands

Ask the Experts
Open to all, Wednesday Noon – 2pm
Experts from various backgrounds (electronics, materials, testing, mechanics, etc.) will field questions from the audience.

Market Discussions
Open to all
Discussions focused on specific e-textiles markets, facilitated by application specific experts.

Day Time E-Textiles Discussion Discussion Leader
Wed 2:30pm Bio / Medical Dr. Diana Wagner, Wyss Institute, Harvard University
Wed 3:30pm Structures / Geo Todd Dalland, Pvillion Inc.
Wed 4:30pm Apparel Despina Papadopoulos, Principled Design
Thurs 11:30am Health / Fitness Ben Cooper, VF Global Innovation Center
Thurs 12:30pm Virtual Reality Eduardo Siman, Intradeco Apparel
Thurs 1:30pm Home Madison Maxey, Loomia
Thurs 2:30pm Protection Brad Cooper, Fruit of the Loom/Spalding/Russell
Thurs 3:30pm Automotive Rodrigo Caula, Faraday Future
Thurs 4:30pm Military Clare King, Propel LLC
Fri 10:30am Sports Dr. Mounir Zok, United States Olympic Committee
Fri 11:30am Aerospace Mary Hakam, Woodlands Textiles LLC
Fri 12:30pm IP Wearables, Design Patents,
Intellectual Property
Meressa Frederick, Elizabeth Ferrill,
Clara Jimenez, Finnegan


E-Textiles Hackathon Design Challenge

Open to all, pre-registration (complimentary) required

  • Attend the Advanced Textiles Conference – Smart Fabrics Track
  • Use only materials found in the E-Textiles Workshop to create the most innovative new e-textiles product.
  • NC State’s Dr. Jesse Jur and Dr. Russell Gorga and University of Rhode Island’s Dr. Kunal Mankodiya will be on hand to advise.
  • Submit project to the panel of judges by Thursday at 5pm
  • Winning project and materials benefit from publicity.  Industry benefits from innovation!

Interested in competing or judging?  Contact Casey Strauch

Tues 8am 7pm Advanced Textiles Conference + Networking
Wed 8am 11am Advanced Textiles Conference + Networking
Wed 11am 5:30pm Kickoff and project work
Thurs 8am 11am E-Textiles Standards Roundtable + Keynote
Thurs 11am 5pm Project Work
Thurs 5pm 5:30pm Projects due, Judging
Fri 9:30am 2pm Project Presentations and Winner Announcement


E-Textiles Standards Roundtable

Open to all, Thursday  8 – 9:30am

A discussion, moderated by the Department of Commerce, to bring together organizations who are creating standards and find the best way forward.


Interested in participating in the Smart Fabrics Program?

Contact Casey Strauch

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