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Wednesday, September 27
A contest to spur innovative, new e-textiles products with commercial value, using only materials found in the E-Textiles Workshop.Open to all entrepreneurs, developers, designers, students, engineers, artists, makers, and creators.

Complimentary pre-registration required. See for details and entry form.

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noon – 2pm
Expert Panelists: Connie Huffa, President, Fabdesigns; Gerry Elman, President, Elman Technology Law; Boules Morcos, North America Electroless Nickel Product Manager, MacDermid Enthone; Sandeep Khatua, Independent consultant, Consumer product industry; Mary Lynn Landgraf, Senior International Trade Specialist, US Department of Commerce/OTEXA; Yolita Wildman Nugent, Director, Textile Program Management, FLEX A diverse panel of experts will be available to field questions on how to ‘Do It Yourself’. What do you need to bring that really good idea into production? Who do you need to link with? How do you improve the probability of technical success? The panelists represent multidisciplinary fields within the manufacturing value chain: IP, Law, Standards, Flexible Substrates, Electronic Components and Interoperability. The mission is to exchange understanding among the diverse points of view.

2:30 – 3pm
3:30 – 4pm
Open discussion focused on e-textiles in large structures
4:30 – 5pm
Facilitated by: Despina Papadopoulos, CEO and Founder, Principled Design
Open discussion focused on e-textiles in apparel.
Thursday, September 28
11:30 – noon
Facilitated by: Ben Cooper, Managing Director, IO Clothes Open discussion focused on e-textiles in the health and fitness market.

12:30 – 1pm
Facilitated by: Eduardo Siman, IT Director, Intradeco Apparel Open discussion focused on e-textiles in virtual reality.

1:30 – 2pm
Facilitated by: Madison Maxey, Founder, Loomia Open discussion focused on e-textiles in the home.

2:30 – 3pm
Facilitated by: Brad Cooper, Sr. Director of Product Innovation, Fruit of the Loom/Spalding/Russell AthleticOpen discussion focused on e-textiles used in safety/protective applications.

3:30 – 4pm
Facilitated by: Rodrigo Caula, Designer, CMF | Design, Faraday FutureOpen discussion focused on e-textiles in the automotive market.

4:30 – 5pm
Facilitated by: Clare King, Owner/President/CEO, PropelOpen discussion focused on e-textiles in the military.

Friday, September 29
9:30 am
See the most innovative e-textiles products and meet the innovators.E-Textiles Hackathon Design Challenge winners will be announced and prizes awarded.
Projects will be displayed in the workshop all day Friday.

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11:30am – noon
Facilitated by: Mary Hakam, President & CTO, Woodlands TextilesOpen discussion focused on e-textiles in aerospace.

12:30 – 1:15pm
Presented by: Elizabeth Ferrill, Partner and Clara Jimenez, Associate, FinneganWearable companies are constantly balancing the fine line of providing high-functional products that are, simultaneously, appealing to their customers. Against this backdrop, therefore, companies are spending almost an equal amount of resources in coming up with strong designs as they are with investing in the technology and technical R&D that make their products achieve maximum performance. This trend is pushing companies to implement strategies to ensure their designs are protected from unlawful copying by competitors. This presentation will provide a primer on design patents, explain the key differences with utility patents and trade dress protection, and discuss the “lessons” learned from recent court decisions on design patents. The panelists will provide practical advice that attendees can share with their design teams and seamlessly integrate to their R&D processes.


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