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Tuesday, September 26

8 AM
8–9:30 am Don’t Kill Your Golden Goose—Succession Strategies to Protect & Perpetuate Your Business (All)
8–9:30 am Pattern Making (All)
8–8:45 am Shade Sail Clinic (Shade)
8:45–9:30 am Outdoor Graphics (All)
9 AM
9:45 am–Noon Codes (All)
9:45–10:30 am Government Contracting: Contacts for Contracts (All)
9:45–10:30 am Advanced Upholstery–marine (All)
10 AM
10:30–11:15 am Internships–Keyston
11 AM
11:15 am–Noon Disaster Prevention / Preparation (All)
Noon-1:30 pm Keynote Luncheon: Unexpected Paths of Diversification
1 PM
1:30–2:15 pm State of the Industry (All)
2 PM
2:15–3 pm Selecting a Sewing Machine for Your Application (All)
2:15–3 pm How to Build Relationships with Architects (Shade)
3 PM
3:15–4 pm Optimizing Your Cutting Room for Your Application (All)
3:15–4 pm How to Keep Talented Employees Engaged (All)
3:15–4 pm New Market Opportunities for Shade (Shade)
4 PM
4–4:45 pm Selecting a Welding Machine for Your Application (All)
4–4:45 pm Mass to Membrane (Shade)
4–4:45 pm Case Study Marine (Marine)
4:45–5:30 pm Time is Money! Understanding Sewing Time Standards and Their Impact to Your Bottom Line (All)
5 PM
5:30-7pm Networking Reception (All)
Wednesday, September 27
9:30–11 am Annual Meeting and Keynote Speaker: Derreck Kayongo
11 am-5:30 pm Show Floor
5:30-8 pm IFAI Opening Reception – National WWII Museum
Thursday, September 28
8-9:30 am E-Textiles Standards Roundtable
9:30-11 am Awards and Keynote Speaker: Seth Mattison
11 am-5:30 pm Show Floor
5:30-6:30 pm Young Professionals Happy Hour
Friday, September 29
9 am-2 pm Show Floor
11:30 am Free Lunch Friday – Show Floor


IFAI Disclaimer: Although every reasonable effort is made to provide the speakers, topics, and sessions listed, some changes or substitutions may occur. Speakers and sessions are subject to cancellation or change up to and including the day the session(s) are scheduled to be held. Changes or cancellations are made at the discretion of IFAI and may be done without notifying attendees. If sessions are changed or cancelled no refunds should be expected. Agreement to attend the IFAI Expo acknowledges acceptance of this provision.