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Tuesday, September 26

8 AM
8–8:30 am Smart Fabrics – beyond the gadgets (Smart)
8–8:45 am Making Sense of a DoD Budget (Military)
8–9 am Fiber Testing (Test)
8:30–9:10 am Current Developments in the Smart and Interactive Fabrics Market (Smart)
8:45–9:30 am Defense Procurement and the Berry Amendment (Military)
9 AM
9–9:30 am Yarn Testing, Part 1 (Testing)
9:10–9:30 am Development and Commercialization of New Smart Fabrics Technologies (Smart)
9:45–10:15 am Yarn Testing, Part 2 (Testing)
9:45–10:30 am Nature-Inspired Moisture Management and Topical Drug Delivery (Medical / Smart)
9:45–10:30 am Understanding ITAR and the future of Export Controls on Advanced Textiles (Military)
10 AM
10:15–11:15 am Fabric Testing (Testing)
10:30–11:15 am Biomimesis in a Fiber Delivers Adaptive Breathability (Medical / Smart)
10:30–11:15 am The Revolutionary Fibers and Textiles Manufacturing Innovation Institute (Military Track)
11:15am–Noon Expectations for Testing Medical Textiles: Is it Really Necessary and What Does it Achieve? (Medical / Testing )
11:15 am–Noon Mechanical Fabrics that Work (Smart)
11:15 am–Noon  Developing Advanced Materials for Chemical and Biological Protection (Military)
Noon–1:30 pm Keynote Luncheon: Unexpected Paths of Diversification (All)
1 PM
1:30–2 pm Smart Talk: 101 E-Textiles (Smart)
1:30–2:15 pm Fabric-based Actuators and Functional Apparel Design for Soft Robotic Glove (Medical)
1:30–2:15 pm Evaluation of Moisture Management Methods (Testing)
2 PM
2–3 pm Smart Talk: E-Textiles ‘DIY’ (Smart)
2:15–3 pm Advanced Textile Solutions for Medicine – Inspired by Nature’s Living Textiles (Medical)
2:15–3 pm Green Certification Panel Discussion (Testing)
3 PM
3:15–4 pm Enabling the Future of Medicine through Controlled Sustained Delivery of Biologics and Pharmaceuticals from Biodegradable Fiber (Medical)
3:15–4 pm Smart Talk: E-Textiles Q&A (Smart)
3:15–4 pm Enhanced Product Performance and Durability by the Addition of Appropriate Antimicrobials (Testing)
4 PM
4–4:45 pm Sustainable coatings for medical textiles (Medical)
4–4:45 pm Energy Harvesting: Power for the People! (Smart)
4–4:45 pm Evolving Standard Test Methods to Evaluate Liquid and Viral Penetration through Protective Clothing (Testing)
4:45–5:30 pm The Evolution of Medical Textiles for Vascular Surgical Applications (Medical)
4:45–5:30 pm Roadmap for E-Textiles Standards (Smart / Testing)
5 PM
5:30–7 pm Advanced Textiles Networking Reception

Wednesday, September 27

8–8:45 am The US Military is Moving E-Textiles to the Front Lines – Is Your Company Prepared to Meet Their Needs? (Military / Smart)
8–9:30 am Ideation in Engineering Design (Smart / Testing)
8:45–9:30 am E-textiles integrating sensors, communications, IoT, cloud technologies for medical wearables (Medical / Smart)

Thursday, September 28

8–9:30 am E-Textiles Standards Roundtable (Smart / Testing / All)

Friday, September 29

12:30–1:15 pm Don’t Leave Valuable IP Unprotected – Design Patents in the Wearables Market: IP Wearables, Design Patents, Intellectual Property (All)


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