More than 6,000 high-level decision makers, industry insiders and qualified buyers, will converge at Specialty Fabrics and Advanced Textiles Expos. Become an exhibitor and receive unprecedented access to this coveted audience. We can help you promote your products and services—get started today by checking out our booth pricing.

Why Minneapolis?

Historically, our shows have drawn up to 40% new attendees with each different location. We are expecting the numbers for Minneapolis to follow suit as it’s been 20 years since our last Midwest event. Minneapolis will draw participants from Chicago, Detroit, all of Ohio, Wisconsin and Toronto. We also anticipate a very large number of Canadian attendees. Plus, Minneapolis is home to a large contingent of biomedical companies like Medtronic, St. Jude, United Health Group and Boston Scientific as well as corporate powerhouses like 3M and Ecolab.

Seize the opportunity

Cultivate new connections in an unrivaled face-to-face environment where networking brings about new opportunities. As an exhibitor, you are eligible for several free promotional opportunities including the ShowStoppers competition and the Fabric Sourcing Center, as well as free profiles in the Show Guide and Specialty Fabrics Review. These are only a few of the many powerful opportunities that can help maximize your booth traffic, increase sales and support your business.

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